About Us


About US

Masrawy Travel was founded in 2012 but the story of Masrawy Travel staff has started before that date.

We are a group of young Egyptians who believed in the charming land of Egypt … who believed that Egypt is the answer.

The most special about Masrawy Travel staff is the passion of tourism.

Our vision is to tell the world how beautiful Egypt is. While Our mission is how to transfer our vision into reality.

We offer our valued customer all types, levels, services of tourism inside and outside of Egypt as well.

Our Departments:

  • -Inbound Tours.
  • -Outbound Tours.
  • -Haj & Umra Trips
  • -Flight Tickets.
  • -All kind of Transportations.
  • -Events and Conferences.
  • -Excusrions and Activities.

Address: 19th Gafaar Street off El Haram Street, behind Money Press, El Haram - Giza Governorate - Egypt

Email: info@masrawytravel.com

Whatsapp : +2 01025137870

Opening Hours:

ٍSunday to Thursday: 09AM to 05PM

Friday & Saturday : Off

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